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Value Added

We are a one stop shop. There is no need to waste valuable time looking for an attorney or waiting for your collection agency to out source your file(s) to an attorney for suit, upon approval we move immediately to suit. Each of our collectors has over 15 years of experience in the collections field handling extremely difficult claims. We have state of the art collection system running on SQL 2005 which allows us complete control to work client accounts according to their specifications.

You benefit from the "Law Firm Advantage" of potential litigation over traditional collection agency efforts. Simply put, we collect more than collection agencies because we directly use the legal process to collect your debts. As a collection law firm, we pursue debtors with proven collection techniques and can immediately proceed with legal action when it becomes necessary - saving you the time and additional expense of transferring an account elsewhere.

Memberships:    National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys
State Bar of California
American Bar Association
California Creditors Bar Association
National Attorney Network
Supplier Clearinghouse - California PUC
Debt Buyer Association
American Collectors Association

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