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collection services

GORDON & WONG LAW GROUP has a full staff of collectors specializing in the recovery of delinquent accounts. We have a professional staff of debt collectors, skip tracers and asset locators. Throughout the process these accounts are supervised by our attorneys and experienced collectors.

Our collectors are fully trained and they have on going professional education to keep them up to date on new methods of collecting. Our collectors have on average 15 years of experience in collections, they are able to counsel debtors on their options and help resolve issues in order to get our clients paid. Collectors handle claims from pre-suit through judgment, at which time a specialized judgment collector takes charge of the account.

We have a state of the art call management system with predictive dialer and expansion capability. Our dedicated collection and litigation system runs on SQL 2005, which allows us to track files from delivery to our office to completion. Our letter series is tailored to the client's needs and various programs. We have high volume processing capabilities, advanced skip tracing techniques, night and weekend staff.

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