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With more than 50 years of legal and collections experience and over 800 clients, GORDON & WONG LAW GROUP has perfected the process of economically collecting your claim. Our attorneys, paralegals and collectors are ready to go to work immediately in collecting your retail or commercial account. Our full service law firm provides all services that are required to collect the money due you including pre-collection, collection, pre-litigation, and litigation and judgment enforcement.

There are good strong laws on the books to get you paid, and GORDON & WONG LAW GROUP is one of the few firms that know how to efficiently use these laws to collect your money. We have a proven track record to get you paid at a higher rate than traditional collection agencies.

New Technology has allowed our attorneys and staff to automate the legal process involved in collecting your receivables. Consequently, we're able to collect your debts faster and for less than other alternatives.

GORDON & WONG LAW GROUP is proud to be a Certified Women Owned Business through the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.

In addition to quality performance, we are providing today's creditors with one-stop shopping for all their collection and litigation needs. And we don't get paid until you get paid

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